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IA - inter alia. Looking for abbreviations of IA? It is inter alia. inter alia listed as IA Looking for abbreviations of IA? It is inter alia. inter alia listed as I Initialism of inter aliaj (among others) Need to know how Inter Alia is abbreviated in Writing? Check out variant for Inter Alia abbreviation in Writin inter alia [lat.: »unter anderem, unter anderen«] Abkürzungen, in deren Bedeutungen inter alia vorkommt int.al. - inter alia Tools. Diese Seite drucken Suche mit Google Suche mit Wikipedia Abkürzungen vor und nach.

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I was wondering whether it would be correct to use the abbreviation i.a., standing for Latin inter alia (=among other things), in an English formal letters. I would use inter alia but wouldn't use i.a. Nevertheless you will find that the abreviation for inter alia is in many dictionaries. It depends on your target audience Inter alia is a Latin phrase meaning among other things or other things Abbreviation Inter alia can occasionally be found abbreviated as i.a. However, this abbreviation is not supported by Webster's dictionary, and should generally be avoided to prevent misunderstanding. Comment: LEO fuehrt bereits die Uebersetzung, es geht daher nur darum die Abkuerzung auf der engl. Seite zu ergaenzen. Soweit ich dies verstehe, ist inter alia eine der lateinischen Phrasen. Adv. 1. inter alia - among other things; the committee recommended, inter alia, that he be promote inter alia definition: 1. among other things 2. among other things 3. among other things: . Learn more

inter alia (not comparable) among other things. 2000, Kristin Henrard, Devising an Adequate System of Minority Protection: Individual Human Rights, Minority Rights and the Right to Self-Determination, Kluwer Law International, page 159: Minority rights and their content can furthermore be clarified by indicating their place among the two pillars of a system of minority protection sensu lato. Beschreibung in Englisch: Inter Alia . Andere Bedeutungen von IA Neben U.a. hat IA andere Bedeutungen. Sie sind auf der linken Seite unten aufgeführt. Bitte scrollen Sie nach unten und klicken Sie, um jeden von ihnen zu sehen. Für alle Bedeutungen von IA klicken Sie bitte auf Mehr. Wenn Sie unsere englische Version besuchen und Definitionen von U.a. in anderen Sprachen sehen möchten.

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Inter alia definition is - among other things. How to use inter alia in a sentence inter alia (język polski) wymowa: IPA : [ˈĩntɛr ˈalʲja] , AS : [ ĩ nter a lʹi ̯a] , zjawiska fonetyczne: zmięk. • nazal. • i →

You use inter alia, meaning 'among other things', when you want to say that there are other things involved apart from the one you are mentioning Latin abbreviations Abbreviation Latin Translation Usage and notes A.D. anno Domini in the year of the Lord Used to label or number years in the Julian and Gregorian calendars.The AD or the Christian calendar era is based on the traditionally reckoned year of the conception or birth of Jesus of Nazareth, with AD counting years after the start of this epoch, and BC denoting years before the. Personally I don't recall ever seeing inter alia abbreviated i.a. I'm certainly not saying it's wrong, just that I think it's a very rare usage. Spelling it out is, well, not exactly common, but more common. - Jay Oct 19 '11 at 17:07 | Show 3 more comments. 16. I think what you're looking for is et al, which is short for Latin et alii, and means and others. Like, We gave samples. inter alia Bedeutung, Definition inter alia: 1. among other things 2. among other things 3. among other things: The proposal provides, inter alia:-for clarification of the scope of this Directive as regards, in particular, the types of project for which the obligation to carry out an assessment is not automatic but is a matter for decision on a case-by-case basis by the Member State concerned (projects in Annex II to the Directive), basing that decision on selection criteria defined at Community level.

inter alia adv adverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, come quickly, very rare, happening now, fall down. (among others) μεταξύ άλλων επίρ επίρρημα: Περιγράφει το ρήμα που συνοδεύει, π.χ. τρέχω γρήγορα, μιλάω ακατάπαυστακλπ inter alia - Wörterbuch Englisch-Deutsch. 90.000 Stichwörter und Wendungen sowie 120.000 Übersetzungen inter alia (i.a.) among other things: A term used in formal extract minutes to indicate that the minute quoted has been taken from a fuller record of other matters, or when alluding to the parent group after quoting a particular example. inter alios: among others: Often used to compress lists of parties to legal documents inter arma enim silent.

Such regulations addressed, inter alia, decision-making by officials on matters in which they have an interest, outside activities and the employment of close family members. unodc.org. unodc.org. Ces règlements concernaient notamment la prise de d écisions par des personnes ayant un intérêt dans l'affaire en question, les activités en dehors de l'organisme et l'emploi de membres de la. Definition of inter alia in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of inter alia. What does inter alia mean? Information and translations of inter alia in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web

Überprüfen Sie die Übersetzungen von 'inter alia' ins Deutsch. Schauen Sie sich Beispiele für inter alia-Übersetzungen in Sätzen an, hören Sie sich die Aussprache an und lernen Sie die Grammatik inter alia (auch: among other things

Освен Inter Alia, IA има други значения. Те са изброени по-долу вляво. Превъртете надолу и кликнете, за да видите всеки от тях. За всички значения на IA, моля, кликнете върху More . Ако посещавате нашата английска версия и искате. Bayer informed the SEC it has been named, among others, as a defendant in multiple putative class action lawsuits which have been consolidated in federal district court in Kansas, involving allegations of price fixing of, inter alia (among other things), polyether polyols and certain other precursors for urethane end-use products Hi, I'd appreciate any clues to finding an English word abbreviation of latin i.a. (inter alia), equivalent to e.g. German u.A. (unter Anderem). Google gave too much and too little. Is there such an abbreviation as aot. for among other things? I don't think so. Many of our abbreviations of this type are actually Latin, including one you used above. e.g. I.e. etc. et al. inter alia.

Inter Alia [Latin, Among other things.] A phrase used in Pleading to designate that a particular statute set out therein is only a part of the statute that is relevant to the facts of the lawsuit and not the entire statute.. Inter alia is also used when reporting court decisions to indicate that there were other rulings made by the court but only a particular holding of the case is cited inter alia ibid. ibidem, in the same work IE Indo-European imp. impression . Oxford Classical Dictionary - Abbreviations List in. inch/es introd. introduction Ion. Ionic It. Italian kg. kilogram/s km. kilometre/s lb. pound/s l., ll. line, lines lit. literally lt. litre/s L. Linnaeus Lat. Latin m. metre/s masc. masculine mi. mile/s ml. millilitre/s mod. modern MS(S) manuscript(s) Mt. Mount n. inter alia (among other things) I Br: im Breisgau: IA: independent action: IAB: Industrial Arbitration Board: IACC: International Anti-Corruption Conference : IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency: IAS: International Accounting Standards: IASC: International Accounting Standards Committee: IATA: International Air Transport Association: IBA: International Bar Association: IBFD: International. Abbreviation Meaning ***** IA: Inshallah *** IA: Inter Alia * IA: Industrial Automation * IA: It's Academic * IA: Invasion America * IA: Isaac Asimov * IA: Imperial Army * IA: I agree * IA: Imperial Academy * IA: Infamous Adventures * IA: Instant Answers Internet * IA: Informed Alla

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Inter alia is a Latin phrase that literally means 'among other things. It is commonly used in English, especially in the law and in business, to show that only one part of a list or group is being referred to. Abbreviation. Inter alia can occasionally be found abbreviated as i.a ; Initialism of inter alia.··Initialism of inter aliaj (among. Here's a sentence using inter alia (I googled it): The study includes, inter alia, computers, aircraft, and pharmaceuticals. The English phrase can go in the same place OR at the end of the sentence. The study includes, among other things, computers, aircraft, and pharmaceuticals. The study includes computers, aircraft, and pharmaceuticals, among other things Fortunately, the list of Latin abbreviations commonly used in ordinary life is not that long. 45 common Latin abbreviations and their meanings. You must have read these top 3 abbreviations thousands of times : i.e. = id est = that is; e.g. = exempli = for example; etc. = etcetera = and so on; The rest might be a surprise for you: a. = annus, anno = year; a. = antem = before; abamic. = ab amico. inter alia (in-tur eh-lee-ah) prep. Latin for among other things. This phrase is often found in legal pleadings and writings to specify one example out of many possibilities. Example: The judge said, inter alia, that the time to file the action had passed

The continued use of SP4 on automatically produced documents (transfer orders, leave & earnings statements, unit manning reports, inter alia), hampered the adoption of the new abbreviation (and, to a lesser extent, the absence of -4 in the non-abbreviated rank) by individual soldiers who naturally viewed the computer produced documents as the final word on what the proper term was Definition of I.A. in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of I.A.. What does I.A. mean? Information and translations of I.A. in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web Inter alia bedeutung. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit inter alia - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen inter alia Bedeutung, Definition inter alia: 1. among other things 2. among other things 3. among other things: inter Das Präfix inter bei Präfigierung von VerbenDas Präfix inter ist ein selten vorkommendes Fremdpräfix

Abbreviations are for of worked sand phrases that are shorter than the full form (e.g. Dr. is an abbreviated form of Doctor), while acronyms are words that are formed from the first letters of a group of words (e.g. WTO is an acronym for World trade Organization). Here we provide list of all commercial abbreviation INTER Between, among; as, inter vivos, between living persons; inter alia, among others. INTER VIVOS Between the living; from one living person to another. Where property passes by conveyance, the GIFT INTER Vivos. A gift made from one or more persons, without any prospect of immediate death, INFRA BRACHIA Within her arms. Used of a. The LDCF is a fund established to support a work programme to assist Least Developed Country Parties to carry out, inter alia, the preparation and implementation of national adaptation programmes of action (NAPAs). The Global Environment Facility, as the entity that operates the financial mechanism of the Convention, has been entrusted to operate this fund. More information here. Loss and.

Category filter: Show All (147)Most Common (1)Technology (26)Government & Military (58)Science & Medicine (20)Business (24)Organizations (28)Slang / Jargon (10) Acronym Definition IA Iowa (US postal abbreviation) IA Internet Archive IA Interactive IA Information Assurance IA Information Architecture IA International Airport IA Intel Architecture IA. IA abbreviation. Define IA at AcronymFinder.com. Printer friendly. Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools AcronymFinder.com. Abbreviation to define. Find. abbreviation; word in meaning; location; Examples: NFL, NASA, PSP, HIPAA,random Word(s) in meaning: chat global warming Postal codes: USA: 81657, Canada: T5A 0A7. What does IA stand for? Your abbreviation search returned. The documents serve, inter alia, as manual proof of acceptance and delivery, as proof of transportation, and as a basis for final billing. Electronic data interchange (EDI): The exchange of information messages (e.g. CARDIT and RESDIT) as specified in the latest version of the UPU EDI Messaging Standards publication. EMS: Postal express service for documents and merchandise (collection. inter alia. unter anderem. 20 Beispiele aus dem Internet. Beispiele aus dem Internet (nicht von der PONS Redaktion geprüft) Mehr zu den Veranstaltungen. im Themenjahr 2013 finden Sie unter anderem unter dem Hauptmenü Partner oder Veranstaltungen . www.berlin.de. More information about the events. To access more information about Theme Year 2013 Events, click on ' Partners ' or ' Events ' on. inter alia translation and definition in Tamil, related phrase, antonyms, synonyms, examples for inter alia

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developing an area of freedom, security and justice, inter alia, by facilitating access to justice, in particular through the principle of mutual recognition of judicial and extra- judicial decisions in civil matters. For the gradual estab­ lishment of such an area, the Union is to adopt measures relating to judicial cooperation in civil matters having cross-border implications, particularly. The decree on the European conformity (CE) marking provides, inter alia, that anyone using abbreviations that may be mistaken for the CE marking shall be fined between EUR 1 000 and EUR 6 000. This does not however seem sufficient to stop the trade in counterfeit goods bearing the Chinese mark. 1) Could the Commission provide information and statistics on fines imposed for counterfeit versions.

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  1. They include, inter alia, agencies for aviation safety, food safety, vocational training, equal opportunities, stability of the financial and banking sectors, the environment, animal protection, migration and border control. In 2018, their total annual budget amounted to €4.0 billion (equivalent to 2.8 % of the EU general budget) and all the agencies together employed a total of 8 957 staff.
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  3. Abbreviations (Danish) Abbreviations (English) Citations by genre Citations by work Common words (from non-ONP corpora) Faroese concordance Foreign parallels Hrafnistumannasögur manuscripts Lemmas found in Pamph and other pre-1300 texts ONP Reader texts Print Publications, Files and Resources Proverbs Recently published words Symbols (Danish.
  4. English-German online dictionary developed to help you share your knowledge with others. More information Contains translations by TU Chemnitz and Mr Honey's Business Dictionary (German-English). Thank you! Links to this dictionary or to single translations are very welcome
  5. Many translated example sentences containing number abbreviation - German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations
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from inter among, between (see inter-) + alia, neuter accusative plural of alius (an)other (see alias (adv.)). Latin for among other persons is inter alios. Related entries & more Advertisement. Ella fem. proper name, when not a diminutive of Eleanor it is from Old High German Alia, from al all. Related entries & more et al. also et al, 1883, abbreviation of Latin et alii (masc.), et. abbreviation. Unter anderem. Übersetzungen u.a. Hinzufügen . i.a. de Unter anderem. omegawiki. inter alia de Unter anderem. omegawiki. Algorithmisch generierte Übersetzungen anzeigen. Beispiele Hinzufügen . Stamm. Ihr verdanken viele Heilige, wie zum Beispiel der hl. Franziskus, der hl. Ignatius von Loyola u.a., ihre tiefe Umkehr. Cui gratiae suam debent interiorem conversionem multi. the government department that has overall responsibility for the corporate sector of the UK economy. It has, inter alia, powers under Part XIV of the Companies Act 1985 to appoint inspectors to investigate the affairs of a company or to conduc Inter Alia 2, Ljubljana, februar 2011. ISBN: 978-961-91069-3-8 . ISSN: Angleška stran Vesna Jevremovič . Negotiation models as tools for teaching Business English . ABSTRACT . Negotiation is a process which is supported by mental models that people already possess and can be seen as a problem-solving discourse since both parties try to solve problems or reach agreements. Becoming familiar.

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HEY! Rob is having random thoughts again (NPS) of valves; new Technical Note 3 with reference inter alia to ISO standard (DN) and ASME standard (NPS) 2B352.b. Technical Notes AG New Technical Note 2 for cultivation chamber holding devices; existing Technical Note numbered

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Abbreviated from Cuius est solum eius est usque ad coelum et ad infernos which translates to [for] whoever owns [the] soil, [it] is his all the way [up] to Heaven and [down] to Hell. The principle that the owner of a parcel of land also owns the air above and the ground below the parcel. /ˌæd ˈsiːləm/ ad colligenda bona: to collect the goods : ad hoc: for this: Generally signifies a so What does et-alia mean? And others; used of things; neuter plural. (phrase I may say inter alia that he was mentioned as to be the first king when the new constitution should have been arranged.: In Walton Church is a small brass with, inter alia, a man riding on a stag's back. It contained, inter alia, an account of my expenditure up to its time of writing. It would appear from the figures that England was indirectly supplying Germany inter alia with margarine Below are 3 compiled lists of Legal Periodicals that are nonconsecutively paginated and their correct abbreviations. To quickly locate a specific periodical that you are searching for, you may want to consider using your internet browser's Find/Find on Page feature. Rule 16 of the Bluebook instructs you to use Tables 10 and 13 to abbreviate the names of periodicals, but abbreviations are not.

Inter Alia Newsletter Archive Subscribe to the Berkeley Law alumni newsletter Inter Alia by emailing alumni@law.berkeley.edu and provide full name, class year and degree received (as applicable), current mailing address, and preferred personal email (law firm and government org email filters may block receipt of the newsletter).. October 2020 Inter Alia Inter alia in a sentence | sentence examples by cambridge dictionary. Rhymezone: sentences that use inter alia. Inter alia law and legal definition | uslegal, inc. Inter alia: in a sentence - words in a sentence. Inter alia definition. I. A. (inter alia abbreviation) | wordreference forums. Inter alia. Rhymezone: sentences that use inter alia. Use inter in a sentence | inter sentence. The terms anno Domini (AD) and before Christ (BC) are used to label or number years in the Julian and Gregorian calendars.The term anno Domini is Medieval Latin and means in the year of the Lord but is often presented using our Lord instead of the Lord, taken from the full original phrase anno Domini nostri Jesu Christi, which translates to in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ The abbreviation et al. is used both inside and outside of parentheses. Directions on comma use always apply, whether you are abbreviating or not. Although the abbreviation ibid. is not used in APA Style, it is included here because it occurs in non-APA scholarly writing and readers may be otherwise unfamiliar with it. Unless otherwise noted, none of these abbreviations should be. I usually think of et al. as standing for et alia in the neuter plural. If I were talking about young mothers, I suppose it might even be et aliae. Similarly, people don't use inter alii; they use inter alia. - tchrist ♦ Jan 26 '12 at 2:5

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The phrase inter alia is a term commonly used in legal writing to mean among other things. It may be used, for instance, in referring to a court decision, to indicate that there were other rulings made by the court, but only a specific part is being cited. To explore this concept, consider the following inter alia definition. Definition of Inter Alia. Pronounced in-ter ah-li-ah. Adverb. This includes, inter alia, taking into account country-specific circumstances, looking at transparency and comparability of public sector reporting, and monitoring the impact of financial sector vulnerabilities on public debt. 例文帳に追 English Translation for inter alia - dict.cc Danish-English Dictionar inter-: ( in'tĕr ), Do not confuse this word with intra- or intro- . Among, between. [L. inter, between Finnish Translation for inter alia - dict.cc English-Finnish Dictionar

prioritization, planning, implementation and reporting vis-à-vis the 2030 Agenda, including inter alia, through the preparation of evidence-based Voluntary National Reviews (VNR)3 based on SDG indicators. 6. The UNSDCF is a partnership commitment4 to the people in a country, particularly the most marginalized and vulnerable. The commitment and. We've found 26 phrases and idioms matching inter alia. Sort:Relevancy A - Z. continuatio seriesque rerum, ut alia ex alia nexa et omnes inter se aptae colligataeque sint (N. D. 1. 4. 9) systematic succession, concatenation. Rate it: (0.00 / 0 votes) inter cenam, inter epulas: during dinner; at table. Rate it: (5.00 / 1 vote) eadem (longe alia) est huius rei ratio: the case is exactly similar.

English Translation for inter alia - dict.cc Bulgarian-English Dictionar Albanian Translation for inter alia - dict.cc English-Albanian Dictionar The section is conceived for original concise and comprehensive articles across all disciplines, reporting the measurement of properties intrinsic to the nanoscale, and those techniques devised to characterize materials at this scale such as, inter alia, SPM. This section is also intended for articles concerned with the understanding and prediction of properties through theoretical and. - An abbreviation for the Latin 'Loco citato' which means 'in the place cited'. It's use is similar to that of ibid. but not only does this phrase refer you to the same work just citied but also the same place in that work such as a page number or paragraph number. If Loc. cit is combined with an author name, it functions similarly to Op. cit. except that it is only used when referring to a.

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inter alia (among other things) unter anderem: IAC In any case. auf jeden Fall: IANAL I am not a lawyer (but) Ich bin kein Anwalt aber i.e. Id est; In other words Um es anders auszudrücken. ID Identification Identifizierung (oft auf den Personalausweis bezogen) IDC I don't care. Kümmert mich nicht. IDK I don't know Consider that in the best style, the abbreviations e.g. (exempli gratia) and i.e. (id est) are set in roman even though the full terms are italicized. Here are a few more examples: Italicized. a vinculo matrimonii caveat emptor de minimis duces tecum ejusdem generis in loco parentis in pari materia inter alia non compos mentis sensu stricto. Not italicized. certiorari de facto en.

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Moreover, as Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 requires public authorities to inform the public of risks to human health, inter alia, and third countries of certain notifications, this Regulation should lay down rules to inform the public and third countries, balancing the need to inform with that not to harm business operators. (20) Regulation (EU) 2016/429 lays down rules on animal diseases that. Thread by @LGcommaI: Today is the 200th of actress Marie Baumeister(1819-1887). Inter alia, she played the role of 'Käthchen' in 's famous hry drama 'Das Käthchen von Heilbronn'(set in and featuring a en.wikipedia [] #birthday #German #Kleist #medieva 12 August 2020 Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, the General Assembly adopted decision 74/566 by which it, inter alia, decided to hold the seventy-second session of the Commission in 2021, and decided that the terms of office of the current members should be extended by one year (until 31 December 2022). General principles of law . 26 June 2020 Second report on general principles of law by.

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  1. among other things; inter alia: Bron: Download IATE, European Union, 2017. Voorbeeldzinnen met `o.a.` Voorbeeldzinnen laden.... Download de Android App Download de IOS App. Ook in de database O.A.B. Zojuist vertaald NL>EN: lichte oogst NL>EN: kamerplant NL>EN: onpartijdig NL>EN: verhogen NL>EN: o.a. NL>EN: randapparatuur NL>EN: met zich meebrengen NL>EN: poffen NL>EN: haha NL>EN: stekerschuif.
  2. The only medical one looks to be Inter-Arterial it pertains to a massive infection from a medical procedure. Like Reply Report 2 years ago. Susan DeGrave. no it is in a medical context in French. Like Reply Report 2 years ago. Cheryl Dyer. I think IA stand for Iowa. Like Reply Report 4 years ago × Close Report Comment. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.
  3. Quick Terms & Abbreviations. Ad Valorem - (at value) - an ad valorem freight rate is one where the freight is based on the value of the goods. An ad valorem bill of lading is one where the value of the goods is shown on the face of the document, which value then becomes the carrier's limit of liability, in return for this increased liability the carrier will charge an addition to the.
  4. Inter definition, to place (a dead body) in a grave or tomb; bury. See more
  5. foreign words and phrases that are not in common usage, such as et seq., inter alia; to indicate genus or species, e.g. Oryza sativa, Cucurbita spp., but not for higher levels of taxonomic classification, e.g. Brassicaceae. Note that modifiers to species' names (such as cv., var., spp.) and species' authorities are not italicized. Abbreviations and acronyms. Abbreviations should always be.
  6. i ADCP acoustic Doppler current profiler AGCM.
  7. Search for abbreviations and long forms in lifescience, results along with the related PubMed / MEDLINE information and co-occurring abbreviations. associated with inter alia male gender (AOR) - Allie: Abbreviation / Long Form Info
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We've got 0 rhyming words for inter alia* » What rhymes with inter alia*? This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like inter alia*.Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses Short Dictionary of (mostly American) Legal Terms and Abbreviations. inter alia [in-tur eh-lee-ah] prep. Latin for among other things. This phrase is often found in legal pleadings and writings to specify one example out of many possibilities. Example: The judge said, inter alia, that the time to file the action had passed. Law dictionary. EdwART. 2013. intentional tort; inter se; 18.

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  1. Icelandic Translation for inter alia - dict.cc English-Icelandic Dictionar
  2. INTER ALIA. INTER ALIA. Among other things; as, the said premises, which inter alia, Titius granted to Caius.things; as, the said premises, which inter alia, Titius granted to Caius
  3. List of Latin abbreviations - Wikipedi
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